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Gym News

June Newsletter

A couple things that are coming up:

Weightlifting 101:

  • We just had a group come through and finish their first weightlifting course. New course starts on July 10th and that class will be at 8pm. The cost of this course is $150 for Members and $199 for non-members.
  • Bootcamp:  Bootcamp is coming to the afternoons! So we are excited to announce that we are bringing you a 4pm time slot. Starting July 10th at 4pm.
  • Open Gym:
      • The gym is now going to be open all day. From 6am to 9pm, Monday through Thursday and then 8pm on Fridays.
      • For all those people who are getting ready for their competitions  we will need you to add Open Gym to your membership.  
      • New Open Gym TIMES!  10am to 12pm we’re gonna have open gym and then 1 to 4pm we will have open gym as well..
      • To purchase Open Gym it will be $15 added onto your membership.
  • Rose City Rumble: The Rose City Rumble is going to be our first ever CrossFit Competition here at our box on September 16th. This is a 3 person comp and we are really excited to start releasing more information soon.
  • Pendulum 101:
    • July 10th is going to be our next Pendulum 101 class, so if you have anybody that is interested in joining CrossFit, July 10th is when that is going to be happening. Stay tune on the times for that.
  • Drop-In Policy and New to CrossFit:
    • If you have a friend who is new to CrossFit or is an existing CrossFitter we have changed the way we are doing things. We are now allowing for your friend to join you in the same class you’re attending.  What we have heard from people is that they want to workout with their friends and bring them to a class and so now they can join you in a class, but they are going to get their own coach within that hour. We are going to do our best possible way of helping these people get into a class and also experience CrossFit, and if it is too much for them we will scale everything down.
    • We just ask that they fill out the New To CrossFit form on the website so we can schedule that time with a coach.