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At Pendulum Fitness we are always looking for ways to improve and offer more to our members. This is a follow-up article to “Call it a Comeback.” We are going to take another look at some options for getting restarted after taking time away from the gym. This will also apply to anyone who feels like they are stuck in a fitness plateau or have an injury that keeps bothering them.

There are many reasons why time off or setbacks happen and we discussed that in the previous article mentioned above. This is a look at practical options when you chose to begin or want to jump start your fitness. 

People who are brand new to CrossFit typically start with Pendulum 101. This is an introduction to the basics, starting with mechanics of the air squat and ending after six sessions with exposure to the majority of movements that you will see in classes. If you did 101 and had experience with classes but have been out of the loop for some time you may find yourself in that awkward middle ground. You don’t need to learn the movements for the first time, but you may want more guidance than just getting back into classes. If this is you, keep reading because we have created a great option to revive your fitness journey. 

Pendulum 201

Someone once said the comeback is always stronger than the setback. This can be 100% true. But it can only be true if you stage a comeback. It can be even truer under the guidance of a Pasadena Personal Trainer. The Pendulum Fitness 201 Program is designed to combine what you already know, with what you currently need. The Program can be tailor-fit to your current needs and goals. 

201 Is For You and It’s Flexible

Are you looking to get back into group classes but want some practical review and a few workouts under your belt? Great! Simply sign up for 201 and you and a coach will do just that. We will take your goals in mind and help put together a comprehensive program so that you can get what you want. Now, this is going to take some time with some goals, others may be quicker. But, anything worth having takes discipline and practice. Looking to dial in nutrition so you no longer need to struggle with keeping off the extra pounds? In 201 you can spend time with your coach getting strategy for weight loss. 

201 is also a very effective way to restart after recovering from injury. For example, if I injured my (wrist, knee, shoulder, etc.) there are still infinite workout options that may be obvious to your 201 Coach that may not be something you are aware of… Rather than miss valuable weeks of training time, participating in a 201 will guarantee optimal success. Another benefit of 201 training is that there is one movement that will be a big milestone. Maybe it is something as common as double unders or as lofty as your first muscle-up. Nothing will get you there faster than setting goals with your coach and letting them program your practice, skills, and frequency.

The great thing about 201 is that you can stay in it until you and your coach feel you are ready to graduate. 

Anyone can benefit from the Pendulum Fitness 201 Program. We look forward to working with you and launching you on your fast track to the next level!

If this is something you would like to do, email us here at and we will schedule a consultation to go over your program with you.