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New Class: Weightlifting 

Coach: Astrid Castenada USAW Certified

Times and Days Available: Monday and Wednesday at 8am. Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm

We are very excited to announce that starting Monday, October 28th Pendulum Fitness will be holding 4 Olympic Lifting Class per week. The focus will be on developing the Olympic lifts; the snatch and the clean and jerk. This class is for all levels and focus will be on improving understanding of mechanics, improving positioning, creating explosive power and strength, and developing speed and efficiency. 

Big Learning Curve, Big Payoff

Whether you are chasing big numbers or looking to get targeted coaching and development on why you struggle in the overhead squat, Olympic Lifting Class is where you’ll find what you’re looking for. 

There are 10 Physical Skill components we develop in our program at Pendulum Fitness Class; speed, strength, power, endurance, flexibility, coordination, stamina, balance, accuracy, and agility.

The crazy thing about the Olympic Lifts is that they are the only movements we do that train all 10 at the same time. That is why we have devoted  a class exclusively to the skill-sets of these complex but high return-on-investment lifts. 

It has been the experience of all who have been brave enough to trek the path to being  able to execute a barbell snatch with speed and precision, that everything else becomes easy in comparison.   

With set times to practice consistently under the guidance of Coach Astrid, the sky’s the limit to the potential increase in fitness. 

Working It Into Your Schedule

We have made it super convenient for you to participate and maximize your membership. The Olympic Lifting class is sandwiched between group classes for a reason.  It is our vision and expectation that you can hit the Olympic Lifts for an hour, grab a perfect bar and then knock out the following class, or vice versa. The Monday and Tuesday class will be the same programming, and Wednesday and Thursday will also be identical to each other. 

Please note this class is one of the many benefits offered to our All-Inclusive members. If you are not yet a All-Inclusive member, what are you waiting for!? Join the fun by reaching out to Drew for an easy upgrade.  

Crossfit Pasadena looks forward to seeing you on the lifting platforms!