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It has been wildly debated for years on why someone should take a protein supplement.  CrossFit Pasadena are only recommending two reasons why to help with… yes, I know there are like a million reasons…but, you are not going to read all of those.

First reason is most people are protein deficient.  American’s have a love for sugar and bad carbs (I mean, yeah, they are delicious but, they are not helping your goals).  If you can increase your protein intake you can improve a variety of things to help you with your goals.  Specifically, with increasing your muscle mass, which in turn will help you decrease your body fat.

Second reason it will help speed up your recovery.  You spend all this time coming to the gym to get results you should reward yourself with a tasty post-workout protein shake to help your body recover.  Aim for that magical time known as “Window of Gains” in that first 30 minutes post workout where you can take a fast acting protein supplement that will help your muscles recover after a good workout and you may even feel like it helped you feel “normal” again.  If you want more information on what to take, talk to one of your coaches next time you come to class.  If you do not have a coach, well, come on down and we can help you out!

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