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We are half way through the 2015 CrossFit Open and there has been a growing trend since 15.2.

Negativity. Negativity that things are not going the way that you wanted them to.  Not the right workouts, not the right movements.  Let’s work on that.

Perspective Shift

So I write this to offer some perspective on how some of us should be looking at the Open going forward.

The purpose of the CrossFit Open is to find the “Fittest on Earth.” Therefore, the WOD’s need to be tough. CrossFit has always programmed for the Elite so when the Open comes around it should not come as a surprise that the movements are intended to separate athletes. The Open is the only sport where anyone in the world can participate but it doesn’t mean its’ intention of finding the fittest on earth is not its’ main priority. With each week this has been happening, if last week did not result in a huge gap between the fittest and the hopefuls with Chest 2 Bar Pull-ups then the Muscle-Ups to start 15.3 will definitely do that.

The great thing about this years Open season is the addition of the scale division. There still have to be prescriptions for the scale division, as we have in our workouts. This is still a competition after all. So now those that do not have the advanced movements in their wheelhouse yet, they can still participate.

So, why did I do the Open?

To prove your fitness. Many of you have been working hard over this past year and the Open is a way to express and show the world how hard you have worked. This expression is for those who get their first pull-up after countless WOD’s doing banded pull-ups, or squatting below parallel after months of squatting to a box to improve your depth and range of motion.


Some did it so they can see where they rank in the world. Some did it so they can establish a baseline and see where they will rank next year. Others did it so they can compete with people in the box and outside of it. We encouraged you all to do it so that you could be apart of Pendulum’s first CrossFit Open experience and that we can have fun as a community.


However, for some, the Open is a constant reminder that you may not be where you want to be. As a box owner, coach, and athlete I have faced this throughout my time doing CrossFit over the past 5 years. Let me offer a bit of encouragement. Look back at where you were before CrossFit Pasadena. Did you even enjoy fitness? Did you ever work out for more than a month? Were you ever able to do a pull-up, squat over your body weight, push yourself to utter exhaustion? The answer is probably, no.

So in a very short time you are now putting unrealistic expectations on yourself to be able to do things you would never have thought about doing. There are 252,000 people registered for the Open and 7 Billion in the world. You are significantly fitter, healthier, happier, and more active than a majority of people in the world. It is important to take a look at the big picture instead of being consumed with the “I cannot do this (insert open movement).” We are so proud of all of you. It is remarkable to watch you all improve daily, weekly, and yearly. You are more than your score on the leaderboard and the whiteboard. These are just metrics that we measure your fitness, not by how you are defined as a human being.